UPTEMPO “Are you never finished partying? And 240 beats per minute is not enough for you? Than Uptempo is totally your kind of style. On this category you will find the Uptempo collection, full of nice stuff. Think of T-shirts, trainings jackets, pants, bomber jackets, harrington jackets and a lot of accessories. They are all made of good quality and with lots of love. Made by gabbers for gabbers. There is a summer and winter collection. These Uptempo collections are both up-to-date with the Uptempo scene. Think of different prints and colors. Because of the cool prints and colors it is nice to combine them. And all the prints are personally made for Uptempo. This makes the collection unique. Our Uptempo collection also includes a lot of Uptempo accessories like hip bags with hidden pockets, keychains, fans, belts, banners, lighters and wristbands with hidden pockets. Our Uptempo collection is worn both by men and women. You can think of the Uptempo training jacket or pants. But also the T-shirts or accessories. This makes it fun to wear your Uptempo outfit together with your friend or boy/girlfriend. If you are a real gabber you wear Uptempo!!”